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Sower Farmland provides accredited investors access to stable, incoming producing farmland assets. Our portfolio includes diversified high-quality U.S. row crop farmland.

We specializing in acquisition of farmland assets that have predictable long-term cash flow profiles with the ability to reach institutional asset quality through strong management efforts.

Farmland Investments

Farmland has been referred to as the “first asset class” and has proven to be a generational asset for many investors due to its investment strength and long-term utility. In addition, it serves as a valuable inflation hedge and carries a low correlation to other asset classes.

1.) Our agricultural strategy is focused on acquiring farmland assets that have predictable long-term cash flow profiles and have the ability to reach institutional asset quality through the management efforts of our team and our partners.

2.) Our network provides access to off-market transactions that are below current fair value while simultaneously pairing high-quality farm operators with our land holdings, resulting in superior returns.

3.) We’re proud to work with Affiliated Farm Management, LLC and Farmers National Company as our execution partners for all agricultural investing.

Active Investments/Funds:

Sower Farmland Fund: An open-ended fund focused on acquiring US row crop assets with strong value-add opportunities and other strategic attributes that provide strong inflation-protected returns.

This fund is led by Sower Farm Management, LLC (“SFM”) which acts as a fiduciary farmland investment and management company. They are charged with the execution of acquisition and management strategies focused on driving long-term value appreciation and preservation of short-term cash flow returns.

Legacy Farmland Fund: Sower’s Legacy Farmland Fund is a first-of-its-kind solution to one of the largest threats to American farmers – succession. This fund is a Farmland Contribution Fund which converts a “hard” asset into transferable Fund Units. The tax advantages are significant; it’s a way for landowners to monetize their farmland asset while deferring capital gains taxes.

Legacy is committed to preserving local producer relationships and therefore offers restrictions on sale of the land and optional lease back & repurchase rights.

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