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Investment Strategies

While our range of investment strategies is comprehensive and continually expanding, each one is backed by Sower Investment Partners’ in-depth knowledge and built around unlocking value for investors. We take pride in our consistent approach to investment underwriting, asset due diligence, and consideration for potential downside risk. This approach ensures the best investment outcome possible and focuses our team where they can make the biggest impact.

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Pie Chart Illustration
Pie Chart Illustration

Real Estate Securities

Our Real Estate Securities strategy focuses on acquiring real estate backed securities with strong collateral and predictable repayment behavior. Through our tightly controlled investment and servicing process, we utilize institutional leverage to achieve a return far superior to the asset risk profile. In partnership with 11T Services, we use comprehensive custom data to provide insights, as well as deep lien servicing and REO asset management experience to identify areas that provide outsized returns.

Active Investments/Funds

GTP Tax Lien Fund: A custom, open-ended fund with a single source of equity capital focused on tax lien investments in 15 states throughout the US. This fund directs its efforts on a wide variety of municipalities as a key diversification strategy to protect returns and defend against competitive market forces. This wide focus allows the fund to focus on niche markets and lien purchase strategies that are sometimes overlooked by the competition.

Specialty Loan Fund: Seller financing notes and land contracts originated and serviced as a value-add to REO owners. This fund focuses on being a value-add partner to select REO owners seeking to achieve a greater outcome from their portfolio by offering seller-financing to buyers.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate serves as the bedrock of many investment portfolios due to its predictable and stable cashflow, asset appreciation and tax advantages. These benefits are generally only realized in the long term when careful consideration is given to the utility of the asset, stability of the market location, and viability of the cashflows provided by tenants.

Our commercial real estate strategy is focused on creating value through strong partnerships with proven market experts that understand the value of consistent and fundamental underwriting and have shown the ability to uncover opportunities that allow these fundamentals to be deployed. Our value is rooted in our deep market expertise and tenant relationships, partnerships in which we hold in the highest regard.

The below commercial real estate strategies are led by Sower Capital Management through a partnership with Access Commercial, LLC and the deep experience of this team.

Active Investments/Funds

SCM FFA Fund: This value-add real estate fund is a closed-end fund that owns high-value commercial assets.

SCM 10x Fund: A closed-end fund that aims to achieve a strong equity multiple by focusing on high-velocity development assets and the use of recycled capital through 1031 tax-deferred exchanges.

Syndicated Offerings: Individual investment partnerships that are asset specific and limited to the direction of the particular asset in the commercial space.

Agricultural Real Estate

Farmland is sometimes referred to as the “first asset class” and has proven to be a generational asset for many investors due to its investment strength and long-term utility. In addition, it serves as a valuable inflation hedge and carries a low correlation to other asset classes.

Our agricultural strategy is focused on acquiring farmland assets that have predictable long-term cash flow profiles and have the ability to reach institutional asset quality through the management efforts of our team and our partners. We rely heavily on our partners that provide access to off-market transactions available for purchase below current fair value and for focusing on pairing high-quality farm operators with our land holdings, resulting in superior returns.

We’re proud to work with Affiliated Farm Management, LLC and Farmers National Company as our execution partners for all agricultural investing.

Active Investments/Funds

Sower Farmland Fund: An open-ended fund focused on acquiring US row crop assets with strong value-add opportunities and other strategic attributes that provide strong inflation-protected returns. This fund is led by Sower Farm Management, LLC (“SFM”) which acts as a fiduciary farmland investment and management company. They are charged with the execution of acquisition and management strategies focused on driving long-term value appreciation and preservation of short-term cash flow returns.

Residential Income Real Estate

Our Residential Income Real Estate strategy is focused on long-term ownership of residential income property, including single-family and multi-family properties. In partnership with 11T Services, PJ Morgan and Burlington Capital, we focus on maximizing returns during ownership and exiting at the optimal point of ownership through sale to tenants or turnover.

Active Investments/Funds

SFR Investment Fund: This is an Omaha-centric fund with an acquisition strategy focused on acquiring hundreds of single-family and small format multi-family assets post-2009 with the purpose of maximizing returns through cashflow and appreciation. Portfolio currently in liquidation.

Syndicated Offerings: Individual investment partnerships that are asset specific and limited to the direction of the particular asset in the multi-family space.

Opportunistic Real Estate

Opportunistic real estate is a component of the real estate economy regardless of the economic cycle. The underwriting of each asset in the context of the current environment and its present value in the market is key to achieving the desired investment outcome.

Our opportunistic real estate strategy is focused on the identification of REO opportunities through a proprietary research system and the execution of an investment plan through our partnership with 11T Services. This strategy is largely focused on detailed due diligence and identification of opportunities that are off market to most investors.

Active Investments/Funds

Opportunistic REO Fund: Open-ended fund focused on acquiring bank-owned, pre-foreclosure and foreclosure assets in multiple markets in the US with flexibility to purchase any real estate asset class including single family, multi-family, commercial or specialty.

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